So, I’m thinking of posting “Autumn Song” online as a webcomic since the guidebook “From Spring till Winter” should be available soon.
Do you guys have any advices or preferences about webcomic platforms?

Some of the drawings I made for the Oneiros artbook.

I will probably do the same for the preorder of the books “From Spring till Winter” and “Autumn Song” >_o

… These moments when you realized you just saved you sketch in low resolution instead of a high one (╥﹏╥) … * at least it wasn’t a lineart*

What I’m currently working on: the english version of my guidebook “From Spring till Winter” =D !!
Shini translated it and I can’t thank her enough >_< seriously, this book is 144pages and around 28 of them are only text/short story…
I was a little bit worried of how some of the texts would turn out since most of the rhymes and sentence rythms would be lost with the translation, but it’s still ok /o/

Anyways since I’m busy copy/pasting the translation and arranging some pages ( some .psd files were lost ), I can announce that yes, there should be a preorder soon for this guidebook and the affiliated comic “Autumn Song” (Chant d’Automne)
Stay tuned /o/ !!

I have nothing new to show these days so here is a pannel of a comic page I did for Japan Expo 15th anniversary exposition.
Would you believe me if I said these fine ladies were supposed to be Clamp? =’D

Some warm-ups for a comic project I need to work on v_v

And the giveaway winner is Hadess- =3 !! Congratulations!!

For those who didn’t see my previous post, the artbook is currently on sale in my shop, thanks for participating to the giveaway! ^^

The artbook is now available for sale at my shop
Remember, the 20 first orders will have a sketch with their books =) !

(but sadly, the shop is missing some products because I couldn’t get a hold of the package containing my leftover goodies from my last convention .__. )

(the winner of the giveaway will be announced tomorrow, thanks!)

I was stuck between works and family visits these last weeks but hurray, I’m now free to return to personal works >_< !!
This week-end was devoted to the english version of my comic Autumn Song (Chant d’Automne). Shini did the translation so I just had to add the new texts and try to correct some mistakes. I will probably have to correct some stuff again on it tomorrow but at least I should be able to order the books and resume my works on my commissions >_<;;;

Autumn Song won’t be for sell before October since I want to open the orders at the same time than the english versions of the affiliated sketchbook “From Spring till Winter”.


A new giveaway, to celebrate the opening of the international sell of my artbook ONEIROS, the 25th of August on my shop =)

Good luck /o/ !!

A little reminder that the giveaway is ending tomorrow night =) (at least, at midnight for those in the french hour zone)
I will open the sell of the artbooks at the same time =)