Honey Bee - Preview by Bory-Einfrost

Preview of the illustration I did for the collective charity book “Honey Bee”.
The profits are going to a french association for the protection of bees.

For now, the artbook will be available at Mang’azur, Geekopolis & Japan Expo (on $cythe booth).

+For more informations: www.facebook.com/pages/Artbook…
+ A5 size, 72 pages, 32 artists. 15€

+Bee mascot by sanoe

I was bored yesterday night so I decided to see if I was still able to ink properly with my old ink pen holder.
I’m super rusty since I didn’t use it for years, but I totally forgot how fast you can get with a pen holder. My favorite is still the maru pen<3

Orphee et Zephyrant» Je vous rassure, j’ai mis du temps à comprendre moi-même X’D…

I was bored tonight so I did this X’D It’s a 2048 game, just click on the image and play if you want to haha
If you get the owl picture, you win =)

WIP commission /o/
I’m so slow with them…

An old sketch done when I changed tablet last summer. My new tablet had twice more pressure levels than the old one so It was really hard to get used to it, I ended up lowering the pressure in the parameters -_-;;

You can see a difference between the top lines where I tried to draw with a lighter hand, and the bottom lines where I just gave up and got frustrated XD


finished my phone charm cleaners ^_^( also there is the two from bory-einfrost ^_^) I can’t wait to receive them :3.

I didn’t show mine on my Tumblr before =’D
I can’t wait to have them, I need a charm cleaners for my own phone -_-; Charm cleaners are not easy to find in France.

Playing with brush.

I just finished the background clock of this illustration.
It’s actually the same astronomical clock I used in the sketchbook “Printemps” and the astrological cards =’) It was actually a clock I did before working on Printemps, when I wanted to use it on an illustration, but I never got time to finish it until now.
The truth is that I only used it in the sketchbook “Printemps” because I needed something pretty and that my half done clock was on my desk and that it was perfect for the book X’D …

Working on an old illustration.
It’s nice to have sketch/unfinished linearts when you lack idea, but it’s always a pain to correct the mistakes and anatomy v_v;