I’m back \o/ !!

So some news:- The international preorder for my artbook Oneiros will open in two days (thursday) and should last a month.
- The 20 first to order will have a sketch with their books.
- My online shop with Japan Expo leftovers goodies and books will open at the same time.
-There will be a giveaway like last time for my artbook =)

Guess where I am? *o*

Working on packaging >_

Original pieces for sale at Japan Expo. Satine papers is nice but ugly when I try to scan or photograph v__v;;; bleeeh. I tried to show the colors on the second photo but it’s a fail >_<;;

Anyways, if you’re interested I put the listing of the original illustrations with their prices on Deviantart =)

Finally, the results of the contest >_< !!
Winners, please wait, I’m going to contact you on Tumblr!

I will do another giveaway mid-July for the opening of the international preorder =) !! Since this one is mainly for the people coming to Japan Expo, I decided to give a 2nd book to the first french person of the result list >_<

Auroreblackcat a dit : Il y aura quoi comme originaux ? Uniquement ces 2 là ?

A priori, il devrait y avoir tout ça si je les finis à temps, mais il y a déjà celui du milieu à droite avec les deux persos qui est foiré parce que je me suis trompée de papier en le dessinant X’D…

WIP, original illustrations to sale at Japan Expo.

I’m late so there won’t be much of them )=
(pour les intéressés, ce sera le même système de ticket que l’an dernier. Demandez un ticket en arrivant mercredi et revenez à 14h pour la vente. Si vous n’avez pas pu avoir de tickets, passez quand même voir le classeur des originaux, il y a souvent des restes =) )

Oh and don’t forget the artbook contest will end in two days =) !!

To celebrate the release of my artbook, I’m opening a little contest to win a book =D !!
It will be signed and with a little drawing of whatever you want.
You can participate even if you’re overseas, I will cover the shipping costs by myself .

I’m doing a preorder for Japan Expo, if you win but have preordered the book, you can be refund =)

The book will be sent in July after Japan Expo.

Designs for coasters. I’m sooo not motivated to finish this =_=
I’m sorry, I will do the giveaway for my artbook this week-end >__< I’m melting because of the heat for now, it should cool down in the next days and I can’t wait to have fresh air again T__T;;