And what did Rann received today? My new books *__* !!
(Yes, I’m usually shipping everything to her home in paris before Japan Expo)

ONEIROS is an artbook, A4, 64page, full color on 170p paper, both in french and english.
It will cost 20euros and will be sold at Japan Expo in July /o/ !!!
International preorder will be held from mid-July to the 1st of August, for a shipping around mid-August. More informations to come later.

I will probably do a giveway for a book tomorrow, please stay tuned /o/


WIP of an illustration I need to finish to color >_<
This is my third try and I think this is the good one è_ém !! I need to finish it asap anyways >_< It will be my new mission for this week-end /o/

One of my illustrations done for the Moon Crisis tribute art show =D

One of the pieces I’m doing for the Moon Crisis Tribute art show.

I really love these two *w* I also wanted to do an illustration of the four outer senshi but I have no time and no idea >_<;; This show has too many characters I would have loved to draw, but I’m out of time.

A sketch for one of the pieces I’m doing for the Moon Crisis tribute show.
I’m a little bit late on my schedule and need to hurry >_<;;;

On another note, I finished my artbook Oneiros and sent it to the printer yesterday \o/ !! As soon as I receive it, I should give more informations such and price and preorder.

Blablabla WIP pages, working on my artbook.

It’s my first real artbook and I discovered that I regretted not to be able to write ton of stupid comments (sketchbook are more fun to do for this X’D…).
I’m not even sure where to write stuff like dates/medium/titles of the pieces.

Anyways, it will be titled “Oneiros”, A4 size, around 60pages. Price still unknown.



secretary bird walking around.

I thought that meant a bird who is a secretary

Some secretary birds for Alix <3
(Allez go go pour Japex!! Toi aussi cours comme les serpentaires XD)

(via quillery)