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I wanted to answer to your comments but can’t find them anymore X’D But thanks. And as I said before, I’m doing only normal brush+indian ink for this session. I never really used brush for inking so I’m taking this opportunity to practice è_ém !! (but damn, it’s easier than Pentel brush *v* )

01. Inktober /o/

I’m joining the bandwagon after everybody since I had no time yesterday. I feel like shit and have a hard time drawing, so I need a little challenge to stay positive è_ém !!

No pen and no brush pen for me, I’m trying to do only normal brush+indian ink for this Inktober session! I never inked like this so it will be fun and hard >_< ! 

Random sketch done while watching a movie.

And don’t forget, the preorder for the guidebook “From Spring till Winter” and my comic “Autumn Song” will begin tomorrow =) !!
I will probably do another giveaway, I guess I like to give books haha XD

The first pages are now on InkBlazers =)
I will upload four pages every wednesday until the end of the one-shot. Luckily I should have new pages to upload once this comic is finished, I’m thinking of doing a sequel =D

The one-shot will be available as book  from the 1st of october, with the preorder of the guidebook “From Spring till Winter”.